Introducing Graficto

After months of development we’re excited to launch Graficto, the ultimate infographic and smart visuals maker you will ever need.

Introducing Graficto

by Team Graficto November 01, 2021

It’s been about 18 months since we first started this ambitious project and today, we’re excited to launch it for the whole world to see. So it is about time that we introduce the secret that we were hiding all this time.

Be it a presentation, a coursework, or a blog post, we all have needed infographics to visually present information. They are beautiful, cool and effective but creating them is not so easy. And if you are not a designer, whatever you come up with may not look so great as well. Well, Word has Smart Art and they looked good maybe in 2010, but come 2021 they look absolutely boring. So we wanted to develop something that allows everyone to be able to create beautiful infographics without any design skills. That something is Graficto...

Graficto is the ultimate infographic and smart visuals maker you will ever need! It has never been so easy to create infographics, smart visuals, charts and much more. Graficto has hundreds of professionally designed infographic templates for lists, processes, cycles or even charts. All you have to do is select the template you like and start adding content. Your visual will dynamically change as you add, edit, remove items or change text and icons. You just have to focus on the content, Graficto will do the design. Once you are done, you can quickly export in high resolution in various image and vector formats.

And did we say that it is free to get started ?

We took our time to make Graficto perfect because you deserve nothing less. That being said there may be small issues once in a while, so please let us know if you face any problems. And we are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. So if you have any, please drop us a message. 

We are just getting started. As we go on, we will bring more templates, features and updates. Please follow us on social media channels to hear about more exciting developments on the road ahead.