Smart visuals

Bye-bye dumb shapes.. In Graficto, your visuals dynamically change as you add, edit, remove items or change text and icons. You just have to focus on the content, Graficto will do the design.

Make ideas easy to understand

Be it lists, processes, cycles or even charts, we have got you covered with hundreds of different templates that you can start with.

Customize with ease

Not happy with the default colors and font? No problem, we have a ton of carefully selected color palettes and fonts to choose from. It just takes one click to apply one.

Designs for any medium

High resolution visuals for your website, blog, design project or print publication. And, yes we support vector format too.
Download visuals in high resolution or in SVG vector formats.

Templates for Any Idea

Hundreds of professionally designed infographic templates for any occasion.

Our Users Love Graficto

Users find it surprisingly easy to create stunning infographics with Grafico

Making infographics with Graficto is so easy, you can't stop using them. It made me realise it's much easier to explain many things via an infographics.

Robbie Faulkner

Pumping out some infographics in seconds rather than minutes is a lovely experience! No hassle, no distractions, bish bash bosh.

Mike Lewis

Graficto is outstanding at doing what it promises: infographics. It is very fast to implement and create meaningful explanatory images.

Gabel Ruslan

A top-notch infographics maker 🏆 with professional quality designs and highly customizable templates!

Anton Paul

This is an infographics creator which produces really good looking infographics. And the data infographics can be edited by changing the underlying data and the charts get resized accordingly.

Nicole Young

I have no precise expressions to explain why I like Graficto so much. I find it enormously helpful.

Carlos Ravina