Why Infographics are Helpful to Memorize Lessons

Teachers, media specialists, and educators of all the categories from nursery to high schools, universities or even in institutes for differently abled students, know that using visuals is one of the most effective learning aids they can use for their students. Read on to understand why infographics are helpful to memorize lessons.

Why Infographics Are Helpful to Memorize Lessons -Graficto

Why Infographics are Helpful to Memorize Lessons

by Shanika July 18, 2022

Lectures can be tough to sit through, especially if you aren’t paying attention or aren’t interested in the subject matter. But what if you could make the lesson more fun and visually appealing? That’s where infographics play their magic. They use images, graphs, and other media elements to help you remember key details, so you can focus on the main points and better absorb the information.

How infographics help to memorize

Any teacher who has used infographics in their classroom knows that students find them highly attractive. Not only they are interesting and effective but it goes beyond simple attractiveness and comes down to a student’s ability to memorize what they see. There is an increasing body of research showing that people retain information better when it’s presented in an appealing visual format.

While some students might dread an assignment that requires memorizing facts and figures, one study shows that infographics can help them remember their material. More specifically, a group of eighth graders given an infographic instead of a paragraph to memorize had 34% higher scores on their memory test. Moreover, it's important for students who need a little extra motivation when studying and make things as easy on themselves as possible. As an example, breaking down difficult concepts into several pieces or sections using graphics in addition to words would be mentally catchy. 

Try to design your graphic on your own to understand how you can pull together different elements and skills at once. You don't have to be a pro. Using simple design programs like Graficto is a great and efficient way of creating your infographics instantly. Even if your work isn't perfect right off the bat, you'll learn something new every time. Sometimes doing projects for fun can spark your creative thinking and lead to other ideas. All you have to do is keep at it!

How to create an infographic to memorize lessons or information

Firstly, you have to make it clear for yourself the topic that you are going to present via your creation, and secondly choose which data or information you are going to include in it. Thirdly, decide what message you want people to walk away with when they look at your infographic. Lastly, find an interesting way to represent it considering the characteristics of your targeted audience.

There are two main types of infographics, image-only and data-driven. The image-only infographic is a single static image with text that gives information, particularly on one subject. A data-driven infographic has statistics from research or surveys which can be used in conjunction with visuals to present a concept visually. The best type of infographic for you depends on what you’re trying to convey and how much effort you are putting in. When making infographics for students, it might be helpful to create both types of infographics; each conveys information differently. Using images may help those who prefer visual learning styles while statistics may help engage those who learn through reading numbers or facts.

People learn in different ways. Visual learners are attracted to videos, pictures, and graphics which is why infographics help display educational lessons in classrooms. Educators have had success using eye-catching infographics in their daily lessons because visual images offer a quicker process for learning than lengthy paragraphs or worksheets. For example, if you were tasked with teaching students about Ancient Rome and wanted them to remember some key facts about government systems; instead of writing out key points from class discussions or textbook readings, have students create infographics in small groups or individually or pre-prepared such an infographic display and conduct the lesson with that. You will realize that not only students’ ability to recall the fact of that lesson has increased but also their attention to the lesson and their interaction have drastically increased.

Using Graficto to create memorable infographic notes

As enumerated in the previous part there are few steps in creating an infographic. However when you have identified the topic and the extent of the information you are going to project via an infographic all you have to do is to select an appropriate design from hundreds of beautiful Graficto templates and then insert the intended data in the allocated area, then Graficto automatically adjust and create the infographic instantly. Furthermore, customizing the colors, font style and even the design is just a matter of a few clicks. Graficto has been recognized as the most convenient application for customizing infographics worldwide.