New Graficto Infographic Templates Updates

New Graficto Infographic Templates Update.

New Graficto Infographic Templates Updates

by Shanika June 20, 2022

Every week Graficto Team releases new infographic designs. The followings are some infographics that you can use for various purposes and types of scenarios. As an example, if you are preparing a presentation to present the strategic decision-making plan of your company, you can use our PEST analysis related infographic design. Also, you can use our ice-berg infographic design for root causes analysis works. Finally, we are inviting you to try our Graficto Premium plan which enables you to access our exclusive designs and facilities.

wave infographic template design

iceberg infographic template design graficto

pest analysis infographic template design graficto

bubble infographic template design graficto

light bulb infographic template

comparison table infographic template design

building infographic template for google slides and powerpoint

tree bulb infographic template design